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Just a small offering of my work that I, personally, think is good enough for sale as a print. I'll gladly take payment in points (for tax reasons).


Just a sample of art that I wouldn't mind having up o the walls of my living quarters.



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I'm taking up a modest collection so that I may hire somebody who works on commission for points to help get my St. Patty's Girls project off the ground. I want to at least get the pilot story produced (the only other stories I have in stages of near-completion are a Christmas "episode" and Stacey's Graduation). Any amount would be graciously appreciated. Thank you.

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Go figure. We start off with a nice day on Sunday, and then on Monday we have high winds (knocked out our electric), followed by rain which turned to snow by Tuesday...and then the temperature plummets to the upper teens by early morning today, as I wake up to get ready to go to work (my shift begins at 4:00 am).
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Charles K.
United States
I am a thirtysomething unhappily employed contractor who does artwork strictly as a hobby, meaning that I do not do this sort of thing as a profession. Heck, I'm not even good enough to submit any work to anywhere for publication, consideration for any projects, etc.

Also, I am not currently doing commissions since I do not believe in charging people for something that they may end up hating, nor am I taking any requests at present time....mainly because I'm usually too busy with work, and I barely have time to sit down and churn out some material as it is. Thank you for your understanding.

And for those of you who are curious as to what I look for in a member of the opposite sex: I am attracted to those who have a great sence of humour, who aren't easily put off if I accidentally say something stupid....and I like the sock-and-sandal-wearing types who are never embarrassed about that type of fashion sence, even during the summer (Personally, I think bare feet in sandals is both overrated and a personal turn-off)....and they also have to be the type who don't mind if our first date is a couple of lattes at Starbucks since that's MY idea of "starting things out slow".

Other Aspects About Me:

Influences On My Work Include: Toei's Super Sentai Series, J-POP groups like the ever-popular AKB48, some anime I've seen during the early-to-mid 1990s

Phobias: Flying "Stingers" (eg. hornets, wasps),

Pet Peeves: Self-Righteous Types who force their beliefs on others to the point of bullying

Least Favourite Foods: Eggs, All Fruits, Certain Vegetables, Gold-Coloured Cheeses, Glazed Ham, Honey in its pure form, anything marked "Certified Organic".

Worst Vacation I've ever been on: Walt Disney World 1990 (we had not one but TWO blown tires in two days in a row...ONE in Georgia, and ONE in Ohio on the drive back).

Personal Favourite Super Sentai Series: Right now, I'd have to say Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Personal Favourite Star Trek Episode: Episode 75, Season 3 "The Way To Eden" (The Enterprise picks up a band of 'Space Hippies")

Personal Favourite 7-Eleven Slurpee Flavour: Blue Raspberry/7Up (mix)

Personal Thoughts about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I'm not a huge fan of the series at all, but I'm kind of holding my breath and waiting for the Japanese company Figma to churn out their versions of the Equestria Girls since I am NOT at all impressed with Hasbro's dolls.

Personal Thoughts about Dating: I NEVER kiss on a first date, and as for holding hands...if you feel comfortable doing it...

Personal Thoughts about Cinema: Unless something comes along that REALLY looks appealing, I pretty much stopped going to the movies. It's not worth the price of admission plus overpriced concessions.

Personal Thoughts about Fast Food: All Things in Moderation.

Personal Thoughts about Facebook: Never touch the site.

Personal Thoughts about Adam West: Better than George Clooney, that's for BatMan, anyway ^^; (Granted, I liked Clooney in The Men Who Stare At Goats ).

Personal Thoughts about BubbleYum mascot The Flavour Fiend: They need to bring him back.

Which is more disgusting, Cucumber Pepsi or Crystal Pepsi? Since I never tried Cucumber Pepsi, because at the time they sold the stuff in Japan I had no contacts living on that island nation....(otherwise I'd be paying them for cases of the many flavours of KitKat bars that they sell over there)

The Big Mac Vs. The Big King. Your Verdict: Thank God we still have a few Big Boy eateries here in Michigan.

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You're welcome.
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Thank you so much for the faves!
I really appreciate it! (:
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Thank you for adding my socks photo to your collection :3
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Mdomestica 5 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the favs!

DenoxPhotography 6 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Hello! Thanks a lot for favorite one of my photoshoot arts, if you want to be updated in more shots like these, feel free to give me a watch and check out my other pictures. There might be more you like! :) 
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